Beautiful Red Pashimina on Cameron Diaz’s Neck

When seeing the picture, don’t you think Cameron Diaz is so beautiful? The Red pashmina is quite cynosural on her neck. It perfectly complements her pretty red and white Oscar de la Renta floral print dress.

Red pashminas can sometimes really over-power an outfit, but here the pashmina adds an extra bit of sizzle to the predominantly white dress, picking out the red detailing without being overbearing.

It’s a great combination!

A pashminas is the ideal accessory for formal dresses like Cameron’s classic strapless dress with a hem that falls just below the knee. They add so much flexibility, so you can use the pashmina as an elegant cover-up by wrapping it around your shoulders or let it drape around your elbows.

To top it all off Cameron has matching shoes to go with her pashmina. Women who can match their shoes with their pashminas are smart. If you can accessorize that well you’re also the spotlight.


Ladies’ Silk Scarves: Does Size Really Matter?

The traditional perception of women’s scarves is the small, triangular-folded section of cloth. It covers the head, barely. The woman wears it tightly knotted at the chin. This, as most females would admit, is not the most flattering of looks. It certainly does not convey grace or sophistication. While it is true, you can still purchase these small pieces of silk material, it is not the only style available. There is a wide range of styles, lengths, shapes and colors available on the market. They not only possess a fine beauty, they are also very versatile.

“Bigger is better” is not always the case. Yet, when it comes to accessorizing with silk scarves, this is indeed true. Draping your body in or with a long, luxurious length of silk scarf is the definitive peak in sophistication, stylishness and grace. On full-length silk scarves, the patterns play out in elaborate or refined designs. As a result, they stand out strikingly complementing the stylish and adding intensity to complement even the simplest of attire.

Why A Scarf?

The flowing scarf has more than a single use. The touch of elegance and the streamlining of the body are accessible to all. Silk scarves of that length are not restricted to a certain age group or body type. A woman of small stature gains the benefit of a silky illusion – that of extra height. As for age – wrapped around the neck, silk scarves conceal neck age lines and other so-called flaws.

There is also the versatility of use. With sometimes up to 80 inches of magnificent silky material to play with, anyone can achieve her own unique look. Let loose your imagination. Wear it in the true Grand Dame look made famous by Hollywood stars. Wrap it around your head allowing the excess to trail delicately over your shoulders and down your back. Alter the style of your dress by fastening it beneath the bust (a simple but effective Empire style) or wear it jauntily and loosely over the skirt adding layers. If you possess the longer lengths, you can model them into bolero-style jackets or stunning but simple halter-neck tops.

Another use of silks carves is the Sarong. Tie it firmly at the waist. It is perfect for after beachwear. It is also excellent for wearing to and from yoga, dance or exercise classes fitting well over leggings, footless tights or yoga wear. You should also not forget, that nothing drapes over bare or clothed shoulders than a silk scarf.

While you may still prefer to wear the short silk scarf on your head for specific occasions, do not ignore the power of its longer cousin. Braid the colorful item into your hair, allowing it to weave through and down onto your back. Use it to keep your hair tidy or make it into an eye-catching turban, but also make sure it adds to the overall desired effect.

What’s the Theme of Your Silk Scarf or Shawl?

Women often avoid wearing patterns on their clothing. It may be the result of fear of appearing garish or loud, unsuitable or simply unpractical. As a result, much of the clothing stuffed in closets and drawers tends to be insipid and lackluster. This bland tendency extends even to accessories. You will find purses, shoes and even silk shawls and scarves consisting of solid blocks of solitary shades.

When you dare to be different, you may run into a problem. Where do you start? How do you select a design that complements our fashion and personality? Consider the possibilities of the dramatic and distinctive hand painted designs of silk shawls or scarves. It turns any ho-hum silk scarf into stunning wearable art. Take the time, however, to locate the correct theme. It is well worth the endeavor. Consider the following to help guide you through the process.

Think about the things you like

Comfort is important. To arrive at this, consider themes that express these qualities. If you adore roses, wear roses. Spend some time looking at specific themes displayed on hand painted shawls and scarves. This will provide you with an indication of what does and does not appeal to you.

Modern or traditional?

Stop and consider your personality traits. What styles do you normally opt for? Do you categorize yourself as modern or traditional? If you are the former, consider, perhaps, an abstract pattern consisting of angles and straight lines. If you are a staunch traditionalist, you may prefer to choose flowers, birds or natural designs in either muted or bright shades.

Think about your favorite artists

More than likely, you will never discover the rendition of one of your favorite works of art among the distinctive designs of these hand painted silk shawls and scarves. You might, however, note a similarity or an echo of their style.

Think about what you don’t like

If you are stuck, try employing reverse psychology. Consider what you are absolutely not attracted to. Examine a wide range of scarves and shawls in this light. This method can help you rule out many themes leaving those you like.

Don’t forget that color matters

Be careful not to confuse the theme or design with color. Sometimes a design appears inappropriate because of the use of color. A flower motif, for example, appears quite different if portrayed in bold colors than in softer hues. Hunt around for a silk scarf or shawl that is the same theme but comes in a different shade.


7 Great Occasions for Wearing Your Fabulous Silk Scarf or Shawl

If you are looking for an accessory that has the timeless appeal of fine wine and classic cars, hand-made silk scarves and shawls are great. These are the Rolls Royce of the world of accessories. These unique fabrics add a touch of elegance and style to the wardrobe of any woman of age. Where can you wear such a magnificent, desirable accessory? Just note the examples showed below.

1. for the office
If you plan to look special every day, wear a silk scarf. It will add an individualistic dash to any outfit. Place a few in your cabinet or desk drawer if you need to give a special touch for an important, unplanned business conference or just need to keep warm on those overly-air-conditioned days.

2. for taking a trip
The lightness and warmth of silk shawls and scarves allow for easy cartage. Simply toss one or more into your purse and you are ready for much of what the world of fashion throws at you.

3. for those particular evenings away from home
If you are planning a special night away from home, add a touch of class and luxurious style. Wear a silk scarf or shawl. Match it with that famous little black dress to create an alluring look. Consider wearing it on your first date to make sure your first impression expresses your own brand of fashion.

4. a day at the beach
If you are looking for something to act as the perfect cover-up for those walks to-and-from the beach or for a romantic evening stroll along the sand, a dramatic and versatile silk scarf or shawl is the ideal solution.

5. for christenings and weddings
If you wish to make a spectacular statement at weddings and christenings, the perfect tool is stunning hand painted silk scarves and shawls. At any special occasion, you will stand out. Looking back at the photographs will verify how stylish and classy your appearance was on that special day.

6. for vacations
The vicissitudes of variable weather can make it difficult to decide what to take when you plan on going on a vacation to another country. If you tuck away a silk scarf or shawl, the problem will evaporate. Silk is a fabric capable of keeping you warm or cool.

7. for everyday wear
Around a cool house or as a light drape to keep you warm as you make a dash to the store, or take a leisurely walk through the park, an elegant silk shawl or scarf will keep you snug and warm. As if you really need an excuse to wear such a versatile and stunningly practical accessory.

The verdict has been in for centuries. Hand dyed painted silk scarves and hand-painted silk shawls are works of art. You can wear them for almost any event. No matter what the weather, or time of day, there is a place, an occasion, – even a setting, where you can show off these beautiful accessories and yourself to good effect and at an amazingly low cost. This elevates these fine accessories into a realm of their own.

Silk Scarves and Shawls – Solve the Bridesmaid Dilemma

It is her day. She wants it to stand out – to be unique in as many ways as possible. The numbers are against her on this. Weddings occur every minute of every day globally. No matter what your preference – fairy-tale Cinderella gown or modern day chic, you can add that extra flair and élan using hand-painted silk shawls and hand-dyed scarves. What’s more is the statement you will make will be unique.

It is rarely easy to choose a bridesmaid dress suitable for all. The Bridal party consists of women of all ages, shapes and sizes. They differ in their personal preference and their skin tones and complexions are widely disparate. What is suitable to one, clashes with another; one individual’s predilection is at odds with another’s. The whole exercise can be one of futility and frustration as each member want to look their best at the expense of the others.

There is a solution to this chaos. It is simple, effective and very economical. It allows each member of the Bridal Party to express her individuality without interrupting the overall uniformity. This is employing silk scarves and/or shawls.

Silk Scarves – Your Best Accessory at Workplace


ressing for the workplace requires a delicate balancing act. At the same time as ensuring that your outfit portrays you as a smart, professionalwoman, you also don’t want to feel as though you are disappearing in a sea of black, grey, navy blue or beige. You still want to retain your own sense of individuality, but without going over the top.

Most career experts who advise on the subject of women’s workplace attire recommend avoiding brightly-colored or heavily-patterned items of clothing, but instead to aim for a plain and slightly understated look. Vivid colors and fussy designs at work can often be distracting and simply take too much attention away from what the individual has to say. By adding a splash of accent color to an otherwise plain outfit, however, you don’t have to look like a corporate drone, but you also won’t drown out your own voice.

When it comes to dressing for work, few of us want to spend vast sums of money, preferring instead to save our investment for clothing which will be worn on those special evenings out. By adding a range of hand painted silk scarves to her wardrobe, however, a woman can transform less costly, simple outfits into something which looks both chic and expensive.

Although silk scarves for women can be worn in a variety of different ways, in the workplace scenario they really come into their own when used around the neck, as a belt around the waist or under the bust to create an empire line. In these ways, they can be teamed with plain business suits, dresses and skirts to give a unique and flattering look.

As women’s silk scarves come in a wide range of different shapes and sizes, a number of looks can be achieved when they are used around the neck. For those who don’t like to feel restricted in this area, a longer, narrower scarf simply hung around the neck will look classy and elegant. Another alternative arrangement for longer scarves can be achieved by doubling them lengthwise, placing them around the neck and feeding the free ends through the loop which is created by the fold. As the fabric is not pulled tightly as would be the case if it were tied, many women find this an attractive and comfortable style of wearing.

Simple dresses can be given a new and highly fashionable look by using a long silk scarf to create an empire line, and this works particularly well for women with pear-shaped figures. Even the plainest grey, black or navy dress can be utterly transformed when a scarf of a coordinating color is used in this way.

Waisted dresses, skirts and pants, meanwhile, can be given a complete face-lift by a long hand painted scarf worn around the middle. Not only does this help to accentuate small waists, but it also draws attention away from larger busts.

The ultimate fashion accessory, a stunning silk scarf adds a touch of elegance to almost any outfit. In the workplace though, it has a classic appeal which looks highly professional but still lifts work attire out of the doldrums.

Some Knowledge about the Types of Scarves

When you wear a nice outfit together with a splendid scarf, do you feel you are much more beautiful and confident about yourself? Scarves now have become one indispensable part of women’s accessory. There are so many scarves available in the market. You can always find one suitable to your outfit and your special taste. But knowing more knowledge about scarves is helpful for you to choose your scarves. Usually the scarves in the market and be classified into the following types.

1. Hand Painted Scarves
These scarves may be the most popular one in the market. The modern and traditional features are both reflected on these scarves. The beautiful patterns and exquisite designs attract so many female friends. You can use them as winter scarves, hair scarves, coat scarves and neck scarves.

2. Hand-woven Scarves
These scarves give people very good impression. They feel so soft, comfortable and can endure the test of the time. The beautiful patterns are produced from different colors. Using it as a hair scarf or tying scarf is a good choice.

3. Knitted scarves
Usually the knitted scarves are made of woolen, cotton, or yarn. You can find various shapes and designs in the market. It will be much more meaningful to knit one by yourself.

4. Embroidered scarves
When you see these scarves, you will love them at the first sight. They are so beautiful and fascinating. They can be manufactured by expert embroiderers, by machine or by hand. They are also in different shapes. Maybe you will see some of them are decorated with sequins or bead work.

What kind of type does your scarf belong to? Knowing the knowledge, maybe you can choose your next scarf much more easily.


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