Silk Scarf – the Beautiful Decoration on Your Head


If you think that scarf can just be used to decorate your neck, maybe you’re behind the times. People have created a lot of different ways to use them. Because of the different materials, sizes, length and colors scarves can serve as various accessories for different function, such as belts and headbands. As for the headband, silk scarf may be the best choice.

 As we know, silk is a kind of light and thin material which is suitable for waving hair and can accentuate the pure beauty of hair at the same time. You can use silk scarves to wrap your head or tie your hair. When you choose a silk scarf, you’d better pay attention to the size. It should be neither too big nor too small, square scarves in medium size are very good. As for the color, you can choose the one you like, but it’s better to go well with your outfit.  

 Actually there are many ways to decorate your head with silk scarves. The easiest way to use a square silk scarf is to turn it into a headband. Just fold the textile in half through the diagonal and then, beginning with the pointed finishes opposite the fold, roll or fold the scarf until you have a cylinder form. After this, you can put the cylinder formed scarf across the top of your hair and end up with a bow on your back or on your shoulder. You can also leave the free finishes freely with certain length.

When you decide to have a fresh and young look, then you can use the scarf to tie a ponytail behind your head. The way to deal with the scarf is simply that you can roll it into a cylinder form and then wrap it around the hair. However, before you wrap, it is better to use hair elastic to fasten your hair at first so that the silk material won’t easily slip off your hair.

You can use silk scarves to decorate your head as you like. As long as you can image it, you can create your own styles.


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