Being An Elegant Artist with A Silk Scarf

Well, silk scarves have become a kind of fashion icon nowadays; and the they are no longer just scarves, but an art works. Elizabeth Taylor once said that the ladies without scarves didn’t have a promising future. And Audrey Hepburn also said that she had never felt she’s a woman, even a beautiful woman, until she put on her scarf. When she stood on the step of the tall Roman basilica, and put a small silk scarf around her neck, her whole body was about the brilliance of sunshine, and the world was full of flowers for her. We’re sure it is the highest level for the signification of silk scarf. Its flowing sense creates the beauty; and its beauty creates the permanent classic.

Originally the silk scarf is a piece of cloth. After it’s woven and dyed under different processes, the surface displays different beautiful patterns and graphs. It break away its original definition, instead, it’s like a beautiful and unique work of art.

Lovely lady likes to give the novelty ideas to the fashion scarves through inventive wearing, which can make the fashion scarves to show off a unique charm of fashion, and endow the clothes with different changes. When you’re in the entertainment occasions, make the silk scarf have a knot in front of chest, which can show your handsome and grave sense. When in the formal occasion, you can wrap a pashmina around your shoulder; it can release your elegance and beauty. When in the leisure occasions, you tie the scarf to the back of your neck, and it gives you some flowing sense. In addition, it is possible to also change your scarf to be a romantic and elegant coat or a graceful dress. Even you are able to make it as the headscarf, hair band and the belt. More cleverly, it can be tied into a light handbag or a delicate pocket bag. Its special and unique styles can make you become a mobile landscape, and you will have all the attentions in the public.

To memorize some great painters (Van Gogh, for example), people start to print their famous works on the scarves. Their art and charm almost can be compared with precious stones.


Vest-Scarf: A Vest, A Scarf or Both?

As you all know, vest-scarf is a new type of scarves, very creative, right? It can be a vest and a scarf, just need you to button or unbutton these little buttons. It can keep you warm as clothes or just an accessory.

They are just stunning and special.

Trending: Oversized Scarves

We all know that scarves can be tied in many ways including the pussy-cat bow, the square knot, the cowboy bib, the ascot knot, the loop, the necktie, and the gypsy kerchief… For the recent a few years, casual style becomes the best trending style; and oversized scarves also become fashionable, too.

They’re comfy and warm; and they make you look great. Choose a colorful scarf or a scarf with a great pattern to get you through the winter looking hot and happy. The winter wardrobe tends to be a little darker and boring, so use a scarf in a great color to open your outfit up.