Top 5 Simple Ways To Tie A Scarf

Scarves are always popular fashion accessories, and there are different styles of scarves available in the market, including Van Gogh Ppaintings Scarves, Van Gogh sunflowers scarves, long scarves, loop scarves, neckerchiefs, pashminas etc. However, many people just wear different scarves in the exact same way. So hopefully this will get people shaking it up a little bit.

So the first one we’re going to talk about is called the Kelly Wrap. It is named after Missus Grace Kelly. And you’ll also see that Audry Hepburn sported this. You’re just going to wrap the scarf around your head, take the two ends, wrap them around your neck, bring them to the back, tie them in a little knot. This is perfect for riding your Vespa around Italy and keeping your hair looking nice.

Next one we’re going to do is the Bow Tie. I really like this one. Just take it, tie it in a normal knot, loop each end just like when you were making bunny ears and learning how to tie your shoelaces. Take those two ends and you’re going to tie them together just like you did with the first knot. So, the Bow Tie, I really like this one.

The next one, this is kind of a spin on one you see done all the time. You’re going to fold it in half, bring it around your neck. Now what we normally see is this brought through here. The way we’re going to shake it up just a little bit, take that loop and spread it out. And what we’re basically going to be doing is weaving here. So take one of your ends, put it over and then under and then for your second strand over here, you’re going to put it under the loop and then bring it over. So it’s subtle, but you just get kind of a little woven affect there. I think it looks really nice.

So, the next one we’re going to do also kind of like the cravat like the bow tie we just did. Now let’s see if I can remember this one right. So you’re going to cross them over one another and then you’re going to cross over again. Take the two pieces and bring them behind your neck, tie it. So basically the effect that you get in the front is almost like interlocking chains. And you can see it right there, keeps it nice and close to your neck.

And the last one we’re going to do, sort of like the Kelly Wrap, it’s going to be a head wrap and it’s called the Rosette. Alright, so for the rosette again, you’re going to take the scarf, put it over our head, bring it to the sides, roll it up, bring it like a rosette, close to our head and tuck in under that. And that’s how to wear a scarf in five different ways.


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