Fashion Scarves Style To Tie Long Scarves

Long scarf is always the most popular style among different scarves. Long scarves, loop scarves, pandora beads jewelry are good fashion accessories to complement your fashion style. If you have long scarves tucked away in your closet but just do not know what to do with them, try a few new styles to look chic during the cold months. There are many styles to choose from whether you want to look glam or just want to stay warm.

Tucked Style

Fold your scarf in half lengthwise. You can do this as many times as you need to create a width of about 6 inches. The number of times you fold the scarf will be determined on how wide it is to begin with.

Wrap the scarf around your neck. Continue wrapping until there is just a bit of ends left.

Tuck the ends of the scarf underneath the wrapping to conceal them.


Bring the ends of the scarf together. Bring the ends together, folding them in half.

Drape the folded scarf around your neck. Be sure to let the ends of the scarf hang down in front.

Pull the scarf through your loop. Find the loop in your original fold and pull the other end through the loop.

Glam Style

Wrap the long scarf around your neck.
Leave one end of the scarf in front and leave the other end in the back.
Wear this style with silky long scarves.


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