Choose A Best-Fitting Women Scarf To Complement Your Style

If you want to buy some fashion accessories to complement your fashion style, you can choose a silk scarf. Whether you choose Van Gogh Sunflowers scarves or loop scarves, you can become stylish by wearing a piece of beautiful scarf.

If there’s one thing you should be careful with when it comes to womens scarves, then that has to be the scale & thickness of the scarf and its tendency to add bulk and highlight your body scale.

This is especially geared towards petite and thin-boned women. A super-chunky knit is very trendy for Fall/Winter and all but can look funny on gals who have an opposite body scale!

Petites & Thin-boned body figures

You don’t want to look like you’re drowning in your own scarf, so if you’re Petite be on the look-out for scarves that have a thin to medium knit texture. Another way to free up your neck is to let one of the ends hang freely on your bust.

Average to full/curvy body figures

Your body scale can handle thicker and larger scarves. But if you’re a plus size petite I recommend you to go for medium scale scarf styles.

Large Bust
Some of my well-endowed clients and readers have expressed their worries about wearing scarves because they don’t want to highlight their full bust. There’s no need to completely eliminate scarves from your closet. You just need to style it correctly and wear the right style that help downplay your chest.

Here are a couple of examples:

*Plus size woman wearing a well-scaled shawl
*Courtesy of Bloomingdales
*Prints with a dark color base – this helps break up your bust and make it look slimmer
*Bandana scarf tying – the v-shaped end draws the eye up and down
*Wear bootcut jeans to balance out your top-heavy upper body – simply, dress your body shape. This takes the eye away from your chest.



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