Top 5 Simple Ways To Tie A Scarf

Scarves are always popular fashion accessories, and there are different styles of scarves available in the market, including Van Gogh Ppaintings Scarves, Van Gogh sunflowers scarves, long scarves, loop scarves, neckerchiefs, pashminas etc. However, many people just wear different scarves in the exact same way. So hopefully this will get people shaking it up a little bit.

So the first one we’re going to talk about is called the Kelly Wrap. It is named after Missus Grace Kelly. And you’ll also see that Audry Hepburn sported this. You’re just going to wrap the scarf around your head, take the two ends, wrap them around your neck, bring them to the back, tie them in a little knot. This is perfect for riding your Vespa around Italy and keeping your hair looking nice.

Next one we’re going to do is the Bow Tie. I really like this one. Just take it, tie it in a normal knot, loop each end just like when you were making bunny ears and learning how to tie your shoelaces. Take those two ends and you’re going to tie them together just like you did with the first knot. So, the Bow Tie, I really like this one.

The next one, this is kind of a spin on one you see done all the time. You’re going to fold it in half, bring it around your neck. Now what we normally see is this brought through here. The way we’re going to shake it up just a little bit, take that loop and spread it out. And what we’re basically going to be doing is weaving here. So take one of your ends, put it over and then under and then for your second strand over here, you’re going to put it under the loop and then bring it over. So it’s subtle, but you just get kind of a little woven affect there. I think it looks really nice.

So, the next one we’re going to do also kind of like the cravat like the bow tie we just did. Now let’s see if I can remember this one right. So you’re going to cross them over one another and then you’re going to cross over again. Take the two pieces and bring them behind your neck, tie it. So basically the effect that you get in the front is almost like interlocking chains. And you can see it right there, keeps it nice and close to your neck.

And the last one we’re going to do, sort of like the Kelly Wrap, it’s going to be a head wrap and it’s called the Rosette. Alright, so for the rosette again, you’re going to take the scarf, put it over our head, bring it to the sides, roll it up, bring it like a rosette, close to our head and tuck in under that. And that’s how to wear a scarf in five different ways.


How to Style Winter Scarves

Winter scarves are always containing a heavy sense and bigger than the scarves in other seasons. This does not means that we don’t need to care about how to tie them. Winter scarves still can be stylish and sleek, only need we to take a look at the following ways to style winter scarves.

Fold and Loop

This method of wearing a scarf simply involves folding the scarf in half by bringing the ends together, draping it around the back of your neck, and then bringing the ends through the loop. You can then adjust it to as tight or as loose as you want.

The Quick Flick

This easy scarf solution looks timelessly chic. Starting with the scarf draped around

the back of your neck and the ends hanging down the front. Take one of the scarf ends and flick it around your neck so this end now hands at the back.

Wrapped Up

This is another easy solution when it comes to how to wear scarves. Start with the scarf draped around the back of your neck with the ends hanging to the front. Ideally, start with one end hanging lower than the other. Take the longer end and wrap it around your neck as many times as necessary. This method is bound to keep you snug in winter.

Draped Open

When it comes to how to wear scarves this way, the look is probably more decorative than functional. If you’re wearing a scarf with a pattern that you want to show off, just wrap it around the back of your neck with the ends ha

nging towards the front. Adjust the scarf so the ends follow the line of an open coat.

Tucked In

One of the neater ways to wear scarves in winter is to tuck them into your coat or jacket. Wrap the scarf around your neck as many times as necessary and then tuck the ends into your jacket. This look is ideal if you’re wearing a jacket with interesting collars or lapels that you want to show off.

The Bow Knot

If you’re wearing a light weight scarf try tying it into a bow at the neck. It’s fun and flirty way to style your scarf during the winter. Wear the bow at the centre or slightly to one side. You can also adjust the size of the bow to as big or as small as required.

The Loop Through

This is another easy fix when it comes to how to wear scarves this winter. With the scarf draped around the back of your neck and the ends hanging down the front, simply tie the ends together and fasten around the neck. This looks great when done with chunky knit scarves, as skinnier scarves tend to look a bit sloppy.

Maxi Length

A longer length scarf is great for complementing longer hemlines. Drape your scarf over a longer length coat for a chic winter look. If the scarf is a skinnier style, you can loop it and wear it to the front. If it is a heavier, decorative style then try leaving it draped open.

The Triangle

This method will only work with square scarves. Fold the square in half to form a triangle. Then, with the tip of the triangle at the front and pointing down, wrap the ends around the back of your neck and let them hand down the front. This looks chic when worn with shorter, cropped jackets.

Go get a scarf and surprise the public with the tying ways up above.

Scarves Gallery Spring 2012

Enjoy the beauty of these scarves and find the one you love…

Ralph Lauren spring 2012 runway silk scarf

Ralph Lauren spring 2012 lace headscarf

Marc Jacob Scarf wrap spring 2012

Another Scarf wrap spring 2012

Missoni Spring 2012 Fringed Scarf

To be continued…

How to Look Fashionable with Your Shawl

Shawls are not only a good friend of us in spring, autumn and winter (if you are willing to, they can be friends in summer, too), but also can make a fashion star. The following are 3 simple tips about how to look fashionable with your shawl. Take a look at them.

Tip 1: Choose the right accessories

One great way to modernize the look of your classic shawl is to accessorize it. Accent your shawl with a brooch or bar pin to fit with your clothes. There are a lot of elegant brooches for different occasions available at different ladies stores or at shawl and scarf specialty shops. You may also choose to wear your plain shawl as it is and accessorize it with fashionable glass, agate, or pearl necklaces or jewelry set that will make your get up stand out for its simplicity and elegance.

Tip 2: Check out the latest styles and types in shawls

If you want to do away with plain shawls, check out the new styles, designs, and prints around. Aside from the beaded and crocheted shawls, you can now find those with hanging fringes, with ruffle trims, or even combination of these styles. You can also find shawls with fur or feathers on both ends or on the collar area for added warmth and elegance. There are also different prints of shawls to choose from, such as stripes or checkered.

Tip 3: Know which shawl to use for an occasion

Aside from making sure that you choose the right color, design, and print that will complement your attire, it is also important to know which type of shawl you need to wear that fits the occasion you’re into. Beaded and glittery shawls match with your night outs or any of your evening events. If you are attending a party, you can choose from among shawls with borders on each end such as embossed flowers or beaded flower designs. If you are just going malling or shopping, plain cashmere shawls with pockets, paired with your denim jeans are just perfectly classy. Crocheted shawls with pastel colors also look and feel great for picnics and garden events. If you are a guest at a wedding, a pearl-beaded shawl with a color that matches the theme of the wedding and your dress would be elegantly perfect, too.

Shawls are suitable for almost any season and outfit. Apart from wearing around your neck, decorating your handbag with it is also a good idea. Be fashionable with your shawl by the tips up above.

Beautiful Scarves of The Day

Enjoy some beautiful scarves of day!

See which one can be your favourite, too!

So, which one do you like the best?

Vest-Scarf: A Vest, A Scarf or Both?

As you all know, vest-scarf is a new type of scarves, very creative, right? It can be a vest and a scarf, just need you to button or unbutton these little buttons. It can keep you warm as clothes or just an accessory.

They are just stunning and special.

Trending: Oversized Scarves

We all know that scarves can be tied in many ways including the pussy-cat bow, the square knot, the cowboy bib, the ascot knot, the loop, the necktie, and the gypsy kerchief… For the recent a few years, casual style becomes the best trending style; and oversized scarves also become fashionable, too.

They’re comfy and warm; and they make you look great. Choose a colorful scarf or a scarf with a great pattern to get you through the winter looking hot and happy. The winter wardrobe tends to be a little darker and boring, so use a scarf in a great color to open your outfit up.

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