Vest-Scarf: A Vest, A Scarf or Both?

As you all know, vest-scarf is a new type of scarves, very creative, right? It can be a vest and a scarf, just need you to button or unbutton these little buttons. It can keep you warm as clothes or just an accessory.

They are just stunning and special.


How to Take Care of Your Pashmina

As a scarf, a pashmina is a very versatile accessory to accent any outfit. Whether you wear it as a shawl, a wrap, or a scarf, they usually come in 36 inches by 80 inches. As a material, a pashmina refers to a type of fine cashmere wool. Most famous regions associated with this soft fabric are Kashmir, Nepal and other central Asiatic countries. When taking care of these precious pashminas, we need to pay more attention on them. The following are some caring tips.

Light Gray Polka Dot Silk and Wool Pashmina


Hand wash in lukewarm water using your hair shampoo. Be sure to dissolve the shampoo thoroughly then put the Pashmina shawl into the water. Rinse with hair conditioner, this will make your Pashmina softer. Wash colored garments separately.

  • Do not bleach.
  • Squeeze gently, do not twist or wring. Twisting the wet shawl would stretch the shape.
  • Dry flat after removing excess water, away from direct heat and sunlight.
  • Press with damp cloth, using a cool iron, iron from the inside of the garment.

Dark Green Pashimina


Before storing your precious Pashmina shawl in a basement or attic, check carefully for leaks, dampness and sunlight. Fold the Pashmina shawl, pack them neatly in tissue paper or a plastic bag, and store them in the closet away from light, dust and dampness.

Cleaning before storage is recommended, as fresh stains that may not yet be visible will oxidize and become fixed during storage; they may also be food for moths. Moths have a discerning palate; they feast only on natural fabrics. Mothballs (naphthalene) and cedar chips are standard protection from moth infestation of woolens.

To store a Pashmina shawl during summer, the most important thing is to keep moisture away, so please do not store cashmere in a damp place. A well-sealed plastic storage box (available in most stores) is good enough (a see-through one is better as you can notice if there is any moisture inside).

Make sure the box is dry before you put the Pashmina shawl in. To keep the moths away, the first important thing is to make sure that the shawl is clean before long-time storage.

Pay close attention to any food stains as moths are particularly attracted to our normal food proteins and cooking oils. Those mothproofing products are helpful, or simply spray some perfume on a piece of paper and put the paper next to your sweater inside the box.

Red Black Flower Lace Acrylic Knit Pashmina


  • Do not wear the Pashmina shawl too frequently, allow it two or three days’ rest after one day’s wearing.
  • Do not wear the Pashmina shawl next to rough clothing, metal necklaces, bracelets, belts and rough leather such as crocodile leather bags.
  • Pilling is caused by abrasion during regular use; it often develops on elbows, on the seat of skirts, and in areas rubbed by a bag or briefcase, even a seat belt. Soft, fuzzy surfaces are more susceptible than others. So for Pashmina and silk/pashmina, it is normal when pilling develops in some areas after times of wearing.
  • To avoid pilling, it is important not to rub the garment with rough clothing, metal accessories, bags and all kinds of belts. In case you cannot avoid the belts such as seat belts, cover your garment with a silk or synthetic fibers scarf, make sure it is the smooth surface that is next to your garment.
  • To remove pills, just manually pick them off. Do not rub and brush the garment.

25 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 4.5 Minutes

Let’s take a look at a video of how to wear a scarf in 25 different ways only in four and a half mimutes!

The following are some fashionable scarves. Check out whether you can find the one you are interested in.

Leopard Spot Silk Scarf

Van Gogh’s Painting “Starry Night” Silk Square Scarf

Oil Painting “The Aegean Sea” Long Silk Scarf

Rose Brown Floral Print Wool Scarf

Red with Black Flower Lace Acrylic Knit Pashmina

Are you still worry about how what your scarf looks like tomorrow now?

Unusual Scarves

Maybe you have seen like hundreds and hundreds of regular scarves, but the following way too unusual scarves will definitely catch and even shock you eye. Some of them have “strong power”; some shaped like animals; some even like food and more.

Magnetic Scarves

Scarves made of magnets? Sounds weird, but not until you see all the geometric and creative ways you can style them.

Cat Scarf

Who wouldn’t want this cozy cat wrapped around their neck? Lady Cartoonist created this gem as part of the ScarfADay project.

Bacon Scarf

It’s wonderfully disturbing how realistic this bacon scarf looks.

In addition, when we look at this, we’ve got to check out Lady GaGa’s meat dress.

Scarf-making Clock

Berlin designer Siren Elise Wilhelmsen created a clock that knits a row of a scarf each day of the year. At the end of the year, you’ll have a 6.5-foot scarf.

Of course, there are still lots of strange but unique scarves out there. You just need to open your eyes and search around. Maybe they are not so suitable for wearing, but they are definitely suitable for watching.

Do’s and Don’ts of Scarf Wearing

There are uncountable numbers of fabulous scarves out there on the market now, thus, we have to open our eyes and carefully choose the right one and know some dos and don’ts when wearing a scarf.


Do Try a Print Scarf

Kelly Osbourne’s natty Burberry plaid scarf sets off her coat perfectly.

Get This Look: Loosely drape a long scarf around the front of your neck, pulling the ends over opposite sides and letting them hang free.

Do Wear a Scarf for Dressy Events

Cameron Diaz adds color and warmth with a scarf tossed over a dress.

Get This Look: Use a larger scarf or shawl and toss the ends over each side. You can use a decorative brooch to keep it in place.

Do Make a Scarf Your Spotlight Accessory

Olivia Palermo’s white scarf, which contrasts nicely with her black pantsuit, is all she needs for a sophisticated evening look.

Get This Look: Start with a long scarf, holding it midpoint in front of your neck. Toss the ends over your back, then pull the ends forward on the opposite sides of your shoulder and leave the ends to dangle.

Do Wear a Flattering Color Next to Your Face

A flattering pop of color — like Anjelica Huston’s choice of a red scarf — can add lots of excitement to a winter coat look.

Get This Look: Wear a long, fringed winter scarf — in cashmere, blends, wool or knit — tied once close to your neck to get this look.

Do Choose a Sophisticated Monochromatic Look

Tone-on-tone scarf and outfit looks work best with neutrals — black, navy, camel, cream — and take on a sophisticated vibe when you mix fabrics (satin, shine, wool, etc.) Charlize Theron’s all-black is elegant because she paired a long knit scarf with a metallic jacket.

Get This Look: Take a long scarf and hold it in front of you. Twist it a few times in the middle, then toss the ends straight over your back. Bring each end back to the front on the opposite side and leave the ends to dangle.


Don’t Overaccessorize

A scarf and a floppy hat for Naomi Watts are too much of a good thing (it’s only a pair of sunglasses short of looking like a disguise).

Faux Pas to Fab: Wear a smaller brimmed or knit hat with a large scarf so the two accessories don’t compete with each other.

Don’t Throw on a Scarf as an Afterthought

Throwing on a random scarf with an cocktail dress doesn’t work for Diane Krueger.

Faux Pas to Fab: Eveningwear works best with a pashmina shawl, gracefully draped around the shoulders.

Don’t Overwhelm Your Look with a Scarf

It may have been a stab at being trendy, but Julianne Moore’s oversized scarf looks like it’s choking her.

Faux Pas to Fab: Skip the trend of giant knotted scarves on your neck, and go for a more timeless look with a simply draped or tied scarf.

Don’t Think a Scarf Can Save a Bad Outfit

Even gorgeous Faith Hill looks frumpy in a voluminous shirt and skinny scarf.

Faux Pas to Fab: Save skinny scarves for more fitted tops and jackets. Although monochromatic looks can be chic, they can also be boring unless you mix textures.

7 Great Occasions for Wearing Your Fabulous Silk Scarf or Shawl

If you are looking for an accessory that has the timeless appeal of fine wine and classic cars, hand-made silk scarves and shawls are great. These are the Rolls Royce of the world of accessories. These unique fabrics add a touch of elegance and style to the wardrobe of any woman of age. Where can you wear such a magnificent, desirable accessory? Just note the examples showed below.

1. for the office
If you plan to look special every day, wear a silk scarf. It will add an individualistic dash to any outfit. Place a few in your cabinet or desk drawer if you need to give a special touch for an important, unplanned business conference or just need to keep warm on those overly-air-conditioned days.

2. for taking a trip
The lightness and warmth of silk shawls and scarves allow for easy cartage. Simply toss one or more into your purse and you are ready for much of what the world of fashion throws at you.

3. for those particular evenings away from home
If you are planning a special night away from home, add a touch of class and luxurious style. Wear a silk scarf or shawl. Match it with that famous little black dress to create an alluring look. Consider wearing it on your first date to make sure your first impression expresses your own brand of fashion.

4. a day at the beach
If you are looking for something to act as the perfect cover-up for those walks to-and-from the beach or for a romantic evening stroll along the sand, a dramatic and versatile silk scarf or shawl is the ideal solution.

5. for christenings and weddings
If you wish to make a spectacular statement at weddings and christenings, the perfect tool is stunning hand painted silk scarves and shawls. At any special occasion, you will stand out. Looking back at the photographs will verify how stylish and classy your appearance was on that special day.

6. for vacations
The vicissitudes of variable weather can make it difficult to decide what to take when you plan on going on a vacation to another country. If you tuck away a silk scarf or shawl, the problem will evaporate. Silk is a fabric capable of keeping you warm or cool.

7. for everyday wear
Around a cool house or as a light drape to keep you warm as you make a dash to the store, or take a leisurely walk through the park, an elegant silk shawl or scarf will keep you snug and warm. As if you really need an excuse to wear such a versatile and stunningly practical accessory.

The verdict has been in for centuries. Hand dyed painted silk scarves and hand-painted silk shawls are works of art. You can wear them for almost any event. No matter what the weather, or time of day, there is a place, an occasion, – even a setting, where you can show off these beautiful accessories and yourself to good effect and at an amazingly low cost. This elevates these fine accessories into a realm of their own.

Silk Scarf – the Beautiful Decoration on Your Head


If you think that scarf can just be used to decorate your neck, maybe you’re behind the times. People have created a lot of different ways to use them. Because of the different materials, sizes, length and colors scarves can serve as various accessories for different function, such as belts and headbands. As for the headband, silk scarf may be the best choice.

 As we know, silk is a kind of light and thin material which is suitable for waving hair and can accentuate the pure beauty of hair at the same time. You can use silk scarves to wrap your head or tie your hair. When you choose a silk scarf, you’d better pay attention to the size. It should be neither too big nor too small, square scarves in medium size are very good. As for the color, you can choose the one you like, but it’s better to go well with your outfit.  

 Actually there are many ways to decorate your head with silk scarves. The easiest way to use a square silk scarf is to turn it into a headband. Just fold the textile in half through the diagonal and then, beginning with the pointed finishes opposite the fold, roll or fold the scarf until you have a cylinder form. After this, you can put the cylinder formed scarf across the top of your hair and end up with a bow on your back or on your shoulder. You can also leave the free finishes freely with certain length.

When you decide to have a fresh and young look, then you can use the scarf to tie a ponytail behind your head. The way to deal with the scarf is simply that you can roll it into a cylinder form and then wrap it around the hair. However, before you wrap, it is better to use hair elastic to fasten your hair at first so that the silk material won’t easily slip off your hair.

You can use silk scarves to decorate your head as you like. As long as you can image it, you can create your own styles.

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