Ethnic Style – Burberry Prorsum Patterned Multi-Colored Scarf

No matter famous or normal fashion brands are wild about ethnic element when design, so does Burberry. Recently, Burberry Prorsum introduced Patterned Multi-Colored Scarf. Without doubt, the scarf is filled with ethnic patterns, making it very characteristic and special. It is of course made with high class materials, including 50% if cotton, 20% of Melton wool and 23% Cashmere wool. It is warm enough to overcome the winter and of course, will not be cheap with the price of $650.


Burberry Scarf

Previously, scarves were just worn as protection from cold climates. They were worn along with heavy clothing and protected the exposed skin areas from the extreme cold conditions. But with the development of society, People started understanding the importance of looking different and unique by wearing different dresses and accessories. Nowadays, scarves come in different designs. They have been one part of women’s indispensible accessory.

There are so many famous brand scarves. Here we will talk about Burberry scarf.

Burberry silk scarves are one of the best and most well know designer scarves available in the market today. These scarves are manufactured by a UK based company called “Burberry”.  Burberry Company was founded in 1856 in England.  Slowly the company started to establish its units throughout England.  The major products manufactured by this company were water proof coats and accessories.  These were utilized by people who went for Antarctic expedition.

Later on, the company was assigned with the production of army officer’s coats.  These coats became popular after the Second World War. This company is well established and has many brand counters throughout the world.  The company supplies different products to the royal family of United Kingdom and holds the prestigious ‘royal warrants’ of the British royal family. The company designs different products like over coats, ladies hand bags, fragrances and other apparels like scarves, hats, gloves etc.

The Burberry’s silk scarves are available in different eye catchy colors and designs.  The companies trade mark, (the checked pattern) has become famous and is admired by many people. Scarves are made with a special technique, and the silk used in manufacturing is of the best quality available in the world.  These are worn by all age groups and are impressive, and when worn give a complete different look to the person.

If you are a scarf fan, and you are a famous brand fan; you can go to purchase a Burberry scarf for yourself.