Introducing Van Gogh “Sunflower” Silk Scarf

“Sunflowers” is one of Van Gogh’s famous paintings. Van Gogh once wrote (to Theo): You may know that the peony is Jeannin’s, the hollyhock belongs to Quost, but the sunflower is mine in a way.” Dr. Jan Hulsker, one of the world’s foremost scholars of Vincent van Gogh, suggests that the sunflower series “perhaps more than any other of his paintings, have made him known throughout the world. They are often the only works with which he is identified.”

Made of 100% high quality silk with hand rolled edges. Features Van Gogh’s famous painting “Sunflowers”. This scarf is very soft, smooth, bright and suitable for all seasons and any reason. Wrap it around your neck or shoulder, it will always offer you an incomparable look. And it also makes a great gift for your friends and loved ones. Gentle hand-wash with shampoo or other mild soap is recommended. Wash softly in cold water.


7 Great Occasions for Wearing Your Fabulous Silk Scarf or Shawl

If you are looking for an accessory that has the timeless appeal of fine wine and classic cars, hand-made silk scarves and shawls are great. These are the Rolls Royce of the world of accessories. These unique fabrics add a touch of elegance and style to the wardrobe of any woman of age. Where can you wear such a magnificent, desirable accessory? Just note the examples showed below.

1. for the office
If you plan to look special every day, wear a silk scarf. It will add an individualistic dash to any outfit. Place a few in your cabinet or desk drawer if you need to give a special touch for an important, unplanned business conference or just need to keep warm on those overly-air-conditioned days.

2. for taking a trip
The lightness and warmth of silk shawls and scarves allow for easy cartage. Simply toss one or more into your purse and you are ready for much of what the world of fashion throws at you.

3. for those particular evenings away from home
If you are planning a special night away from home, add a touch of class and luxurious style. Wear a silk scarf or shawl. Match it with that famous little black dress to create an alluring look. Consider wearing it on your first date to make sure your first impression expresses your own brand of fashion.

4. a day at the beach
If you are looking for something to act as the perfect cover-up for those walks to-and-from the beach or for a romantic evening stroll along the sand, a dramatic and versatile silk scarf or shawl is the ideal solution.

5. for christenings and weddings
If you wish to make a spectacular statement at weddings and christenings, the perfect tool is stunning hand painted silk scarves and shawls. At any special occasion, you will stand out. Looking back at the photographs will verify how stylish and classy your appearance was on that special day.

6. for vacations
The vicissitudes of variable weather can make it difficult to decide what to take when you plan on going on a vacation to another country. If you tuck away a silk scarf or shawl, the problem will evaporate. Silk is a fabric capable of keeping you warm or cool.

7. for everyday wear
Around a cool house or as a light drape to keep you warm as you make a dash to the store, or take a leisurely walk through the park, an elegant silk shawl or scarf will keep you snug and warm. As if you really need an excuse to wear such a versatile and stunningly practical accessory.

The verdict has been in for centuries. Hand dyed painted silk scarves and hand-painted silk shawls are works of art. You can wear them for almost any event. No matter what the weather, or time of day, there is a place, an occasion, – even a setting, where you can show off these beautiful accessories and yourself to good effect and at an amazingly low cost. This elevates these fine accessories into a realm of their own.

Some Knowledge about the Types of Scarves

When you wear a nice outfit together with a splendid scarf, do you feel you are much more beautiful and confident about yourself? Scarves now have become one indispensable part of women’s accessory. There are so many scarves available in the market. You can always find one suitable to your outfit and your special taste. But knowing more knowledge about scarves is helpful for you to choose your scarves. Usually the scarves in the market and be classified into the following types.

1. Hand Painted Scarves
These scarves may be the most popular one in the market. The modern and traditional features are both reflected on these scarves. The beautiful patterns and exquisite designs attract so many female friends. You can use them as winter scarves, hair scarves, coat scarves and neck scarves.

2. Hand-woven Scarves
These scarves give people very good impression. They feel so soft, comfortable and can endure the test of the time. The beautiful patterns are produced from different colors. Using it as a hair scarf or tying scarf is a good choice.

3. Knitted scarves
Usually the knitted scarves are made of woolen, cotton, or yarn. You can find various shapes and designs in the market. It will be much more meaningful to knit one by yourself.

4. Embroidered scarves
When you see these scarves, you will love them at the first sight. They are so beautiful and fascinating. They can be manufactured by expert embroiderers, by machine or by hand. They are also in different shapes. Maybe you will see some of them are decorated with sequins or bead work.

What kind of type does your scarf belong to? Knowing the knowledge, maybe you can choose your next scarf much more easily.


Burberry Scarf

Previously, scarves were just worn as protection from cold climates. They were worn along with heavy clothing and protected the exposed skin areas from the extreme cold conditions. But with the development of society, People started understanding the importance of looking different and unique by wearing different dresses and accessories. Nowadays, scarves come in different designs. They have been one part of women’s indispensible accessory.

There are so many famous brand scarves. Here we will talk about Burberry scarf.

Burberry silk scarves are one of the best and most well know designer scarves available in the market today. These scarves are manufactured by a UK based company called “Burberry”.  Burberry Company was founded in 1856 in England.  Slowly the company started to establish its units throughout England.  The major products manufactured by this company were water proof coats and accessories.  These were utilized by people who went for Antarctic expedition.

Later on, the company was assigned with the production of army officer’s coats.  These coats became popular after the Second World War. This company is well established and has many brand counters throughout the world.  The company supplies different products to the royal family of United Kingdom and holds the prestigious ‘royal warrants’ of the British royal family. The company designs different products like over coats, ladies hand bags, fragrances and other apparels like scarves, hats, gloves etc.

The Burberry’s silk scarves are available in different eye catchy colors and designs.  The companies trade mark, (the checked pattern) has become famous and is admired by many people. Scarves are made with a special technique, and the silk used in manufacturing is of the best quality available in the world.  These are worn by all age groups and are impressive, and when worn give a complete different look to the person.

If you are a scarf fan, and you are a famous brand fan; you can go to purchase a Burberry scarf for yourself.

Scarf – Your Best Accessory in Winter

Winter is a cold season. People will have to wear much clothes. But in this season, you can also show your beauty with some accessory. We know that women are very conscious to their fashion almost all the time in a single year. Although in the cold season, many women are even excited with their choice of fashion. A winter scarf, jacket, coat or sweater can be a popular element, especially the scarf.

Scarf is loved by women for a long time. You can see people wear scarves almost in every season. But in winter, scarf is the most popular. You can see different kinds of scarves in the market. The woolen scarves are usually the first choice in such a cold season. They are warm and soft and can be worn for a long time. And you can also find many other material scarves in the market. Because of this very surprising demand for scarves, the market is already taking advantage of it by actually providing every woman with different styles that they can meticulously choose from most especially if you are sporting a very unique style.


The most function of the scarf in winter is to keep our neck worm. But decorative role seems to be the main function of scarf in modern time. In winter, just a scarf will make your outfit much more attractive. In winter, you can see not only women, but also men wear scarves. Different shape scarves give you different taste. You will find in the market that there are so many different shapes scarves, the long scarves, the loop scarves, the square scarves and so on. You can find one that suits you.

What will you buy for yourself in the cold winter? Don’t forget that a scarf is a very good choice.

The Leopard Spots Print Scarf

Scarf is always the element of fashion. Although a scarf is just a piece of fabric, it’s as important as pearl or other jewelry in women’s heart. It’s cheaper than most of the jewelry (maybe some of the scarves are very expensive, such as Hermes scarf), you can afford it so easily. During all the scarves, there is one kind pattern of scarf that is loved by most women, namely the leopard sports print scarf.

Actually the leopard spots print scarf trend is nothing new. It’s considered as a good investment because of its timeless look and is considered a fall and winter closet essential for trendy fashionistas.

Different fabric leopard spots print scarves give people different feelings. The chiffon scarf looks so flowing. The silk scarf makes you much elegant. Different people tie scarves in different ways. Usually the simple way is the good way. Wear the leopard scarf on only one part of your body. Spreading the leopard patterns elsewhere on your body looks overdone and funny. If you want the scarf to be big enough to wrap around your shoulders for a trendy layer look, then make sure you take note of the size of the leopard shawl. Have your cloth tape measure ready to determine if it’s big enough for your needs.

If you are a trendy, a leopard sport print scarf must be your shopping target.