Hermes Silk Scarf

If you are wearing very ordinary clothes, a silk scarf can enhance your characteristic immediately. No matter you are in an amusement place or in formal occasions, the silk scarf is always the good choice to catch others’ eyes. During the famous silk scarves, most silk scarf enthusiasts will think of Hermes silk scarf. Excellent quality and unique design are the main reasons for its great reputation.

It is said that a Hermes silk scarf is sold every 38 seconds throughout the world. No matter it’s true or not, one thing we can confirm is that when you understand Hermes, you will also want to get one.

Hermes actually has a very long history. The Hermes family, originally Protestant Germans, settled in France in 1828. In 1837, Thierry Hermes first established Hermes as a harness workshop dedicated to purveying to European noblemen. His goal was to create the finest wrought harnesses and bridles for the carriage trade. Through the struggle of several generations, Hermes became well known. It doesn’t only focus on the harnesses and bridles. With the developing, Hermes became so famous in Fashion. Hermes bags, Hermes clothing, Hermes perfumes and Hermes silk scarves are also the well known products.

Until now, one of Hermes’ most recognized products remains its signature silk scarves. The modern Hermes scarves measures 90cm2 weighs 65 grams and is woven from the silk of 250 mulberry cocoons. All Hermes scarves are hand-printed using multiple. Silk screens and the hems are all hand-stitched. Forty-three is the highest number of screens used for one scarf to date (the charity scarf released in 2006), one screen for each color on the scarf. Since 1937, Hermes has produced over 2,500 designs, with the horse motif ones being particularly famous and popular.

Hermes silk scarf is so exquisite that it takes 18 months to fabricate. If you own such a silk scarf, although it will be expensive, you will feel it’s worth it.