Silk Scarves and Shawls – Solve the Bridesmaid Dilemma

It is her day. She wants it to stand out – to be unique in as many ways as possible. The numbers are against her on this. Weddings occur every minute of every day globally. No matter what your preference – fairy-tale Cinderella gown or modern day chic, you can add that extra flair and élan using hand-painted silk shawls and hand-dyed scarves. What’s more is the statement you will make will be unique.

It is rarely easy to choose a bridesmaid dress suitable for all. The Bridal party consists of women of all ages, shapes and sizes. They differ in their personal preference and their skin tones and complexions are widely disparate. What is suitable to one, clashes with another; one individual’s predilection is at odds with another’s. The whole exercise can be one of futility and frustration as each member want to look their best at the expense of the others.

There is a solution to this chaos. It is simple, effective and very economical. It allows each member of the Bridal Party to express her individuality without interrupting the overall uniformity. This is employing silk scarves and/or shawls.