The History of Scarf

Nowadays, scarves have been indispensable in many women’s life. A scarf is used today not only for warmth and comfort. The decoration effect is also quite important. Have you ever wondered where this fashion thing came from? In history, the scarf is much more than a piece of fabric used to add some style to an outfit.

The first reported origin of the scarf known to man is dated back to the ancient roman times. Romans were renowned for having an advanced lifestyle for their times and they used the scarf not to keep warm but as a sweat cloth ties around their neck or as a belt. In the army, the commanders wore red scarves over their armor.

After the fall of Rome empire scarves were inherited by Romania and Croatia. When Croatian army came to Paris in 1648 to celebrate the victory over Turks, every soldier wore a scarf. Those scarves were called cravats.

King of France Louis XIV was very impressed with scarves that he created a new position at his court: a servant whose responsibilities were just to keep the scarves ready and make sure there was plenty. Louis XIV also decided that scarf should be a symbol of royalty.

At the end of 17th century Peter the Great created first organized and trained Russian army. At first officers and soldiers were dressed in the same attire but later Peter decided to add scarves to the officer’s uniform. Those scarves were three-colored (colors of Russian flag) and were worn over the shoulder with a tie on the hip.

In 1790 during the huge silk scarves called “incroyable” became very popular. In 1796 Pavel I became an emperor of Russia. He did not like the idea of wearing scarves and scarves in the army became forbidden.

Then the popularity of scarves steadily grew through 19th century when scarf became a necessary part of every man’s wardrobe. In modern times practically every designer has scarves in his or her collection. Scarf definitely is a very helpful accessory to man’s and especially woman’s wardrobe.

Now the abundance of fabrics and designs makes it easy to create an individual style and enhance the appearance of a person. We can almost get any kind of scarf that we want. We can believe that the popularity of scarves will go on.