Ladies’ Silk Scarves: Does Size Really Matter?

The traditional perception of women’s scarves is the small, triangular-folded section of cloth. It covers the head, barely. The woman wears it tightly knotted at the chin. This, as most females would admit, is not the most flattering of looks. It certainly does not convey grace or sophistication. While it is true, you can still purchase these small pieces of silk material, it is not the only style available. There is a wide range of styles, lengths, shapes and colors available on the market. They not only possess a fine beauty, they are also very versatile.

“Bigger is better” is not always the case. Yet, when it comes to accessorizing with silk scarves, this is indeed true. Draping your body in or with a long, luxurious length of silk scarf is the definitive peak in sophistication, stylishness and grace. On full-length silk scarves, the patterns play out in elaborate or refined designs. As a result, they stand out strikingly complementing the stylish and adding intensity to complement even the simplest of attire.

Why A Scarf?

The flowing scarf has more than a single use. The touch of elegance and the streamlining of the body are accessible to all. Silk scarves of that length are not restricted to a certain age group or body type. A woman of small stature gains the benefit of a silky illusion – that of extra height. As for age – wrapped around the neck, silk scarves conceal neck age lines and other so-called flaws.

There is also the versatility of use. With sometimes up to 80 inches of magnificent silky material to play with, anyone can achieve her own unique look. Let loose your imagination. Wear it in the true Grand Dame look made famous by Hollywood stars. Wrap it around your head allowing the excess to trail delicately over your shoulders and down your back. Alter the style of your dress by fastening it beneath the bust (a simple but effective Empire style) or wear it jauntily and loosely over the skirt adding layers. If you possess the longer lengths, you can model them into bolero-style jackets or stunning but simple halter-neck tops.

Another use of silks carves is the Sarong. Tie it firmly at the waist. It is perfect for after beachwear. It is also excellent for wearing to and from yoga, dance or exercise classes fitting well over leggings, footless tights or yoga wear. You should also not forget, that nothing drapes over bare or clothed shoulders than a silk scarf.

While you may still prefer to wear the short silk scarf on your head for specific occasions, do not ignore the power of its longer cousin. Braid the colorful item into your hair, allowing it to weave through and down onto your back. Use it to keep your hair tidy or make it into an eye-catching turban, but also make sure it adds to the overall desired effect.