Some Knowledge about the Types of Scarves

When you wear a nice outfit together with a splendid scarf, do you feel you are much more beautiful and confident about yourself? Scarves now have become one indispensable part of women’s accessory. There are so many scarves available in the market. You can always find one suitable to your outfit and your special taste. But knowing more knowledge about scarves is helpful for you to choose your scarves. Usually the scarves in the market and be classified into the following types.

1. Hand Painted Scarves
These scarves may be the most popular one in the market. The modern and traditional features are both reflected on these scarves. The beautiful patterns and exquisite designs attract so many female friends. You can use them as winter scarves, hair scarves, coat scarves and neck scarves.

2. Hand-woven Scarves
These scarves give people very good impression. They feel so soft, comfortable and can endure the test of the time. The beautiful patterns are produced from different colors. Using it as a hair scarf or tying scarf is a good choice.

3. Knitted scarves
Usually the knitted scarves are made of woolen, cotton, or yarn. You can find various shapes and designs in the market. It will be much more meaningful to knit one by yourself.

4. Embroidered scarves
When you see these scarves, you will love them at the first sight. They are so beautiful and fascinating. They can be manufactured by expert embroiderers, by machine or by hand. They are also in different shapes. Maybe you will see some of them are decorated with sequins or bead work.

What kind of type does your scarf belong to? Knowing the knowledge, maybe you can choose your next scarf much more easily.