How to Style Stoles

As we all know that winter has come, stoles become very necessary accessory. Then, how to accessorize with a stole and make it stylish? Well, you may pay attention to the following tips.

Keep occasion in mind: Identify the occasion for which you will be wearing the stole — formal or casual. Accordingly identify the color and style of the stole. For formal occasions, go for a solid black, brown or beige stole to complement the attire, and for a casual outfit, experiment with brighter colors, prints or embellished scarves.

Choose color wisely: Wear a color that complements your skin tone and outfit. A stole cannot make a bad outfit look good; hence the stole should match the attire.

If you are petite: Although one size fits all, however an oversized stole or scarf on a petite woman can look like it’s choking her. A petite woman can opt for a slimmer stole to match the body type; otherwise the bulky ones will make you appear heavy and fluffy.

Be an eye catcher: Always choose a color of the stole that goes well with the color of your eyes or eye makeup to create an impact. This makes the pairing look very real and appropriate.

Wrap it around: Stoles can be a great accessory and allows you to experiment with your look. If you want to take the stole as a wrap, then choose a flowy malleable fabric that takes the shape of the body.