Introducing Van Gogh “Sunflower” Silk Scarf

“Sunflowers” is one of Van Gogh’s famous paintings. Van Gogh once wrote (to Theo): You may know that the peony is Jeannin’s, the hollyhock belongs to Quost, but the sunflower is mine in a way.” Dr. Jan Hulsker, one of the world’s foremost scholars of Vincent van Gogh, suggests that the sunflower series “perhaps more than any other of his paintings, have made him known throughout the world. They are often the only works with which he is identified.”

Made of 100% high quality silk with hand rolled edges. Features Van Gogh’s famous painting “Sunflowers”. This scarf is very soft, smooth, bright and suitable for all seasons and any reason. Wrap it around your neck or shoulder, it will always offer you an incomparable look. And it also makes a great gift for your friends and loved ones. Gentle hand-wash with shampoo or other mild soap is recommended. Wash softly in cold water.