Beautiful Red Pashimina on Cameron Diaz’s Neck

When seeing the picture, don’t you think Cameron Diaz is so beautiful? The Red pashmina is quite cynosural on her neck. It perfectly complements her pretty red and white Oscar de la Renta floral print dress.

Red pashminas can sometimes really over-power an outfit, but here the pashmina adds an extra bit of sizzle to the predominantly white dress, picking out the red detailing without being overbearing.

It’s a great combination!

A pashminas is the ideal accessory for formal dresses like Cameron’s classic strapless dress with a hem that falls just below the knee. They add so much flexibility, so you can use the pashmina as an elegant cover-up by wrapping it around your shoulders or let it drape around your elbows.

To top it all off Cameron has matching shoes to go with her pashmina. Women who can match their shoes with their pashminas are smart. If you can accessorize that well you’re also the spotlight.